All Rules are subject to change without notice. – Last Edit 4/21/23

For ALL RULES! We will typically follow a 3 strike type system.

1. Warning in chat

2. Temporary Ban from servers. 24 hours to 1 week depending on offense.

3. Permanent Ban from servers and discord.

We also have a recorded strike system to remove and ban toxic players and rule breakers.

Bans can be appealed via discord if you have not been banned from discord.

In some circumstances we may skip immediately to a permanent ban.

These rules apply to all members including our admins.

Core Rules:

Anti-Toxic Section:

Ark Cluster Rules:


PVP Game Play

Admin Abuse

Stores and Purchases


o No building or aggressive dinos whatsoever at any of the following locations:

Ragnarok Ice Queen Cave

o You may TEMPORARILY fob in these locations when a base is built directly next to them. Any bases/structures/dinos found in these locations will be removed without warning. Building in locations not specifically listed above is permitted.

§  When building your base, all parts of your base MUST be in render distance from the center point of said base. For PVP, there is some latitude if for example you are taking over an entire cave. (The cave can only be blocked if no explorer notes inside.)



Merging Tribes

§  When you merge with another tribe, you become responsible for their structures and bases. IF their base(s) would put you over the limits, you are expected to open a ticket within 12 hours and notify us so we can work with you to allow time for you to reduce.

§  If wiped due to violations, it will not be replaced.

Getting Help


Our servers are donation funded. Anything not paid in donations comes from the owner’s pocket personally. We request if you enjoy our servers to donate something monthly. Anything helps. We prefer CashApp


Discord Boosters:

Admin Store


Admin Benefits / Rules